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Water Conservation | Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme

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How to Save Water

The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is designed to provide information to consumers buying products that use water. All WELS products must carry a WELS label showing the water consumption exhibited as a Star Rating (The more stars the more water efficient the product). The information is displayed on a label to help consumers choose products that use less water but still provide a satisfactory level of quality and performance. The label is generally found on the product or price ticket.

For plumbing purposes, WELS products are taps (excluding Bath taps and spouts), showers, toilets and urinals.

Why is Water Efficiency important?

It's important not to waste water, particularly in parts of the country that experience periodic water shortages. Conserving water can reduce your water charges if you live in an area that uses water meters, and choosing a product that uses less heated water will help to reduce your energy bills. Reducing water demand also lowers costs to the community for water treatment and pumping. In other words, using water more efficiently has both economic and environmental benefits.

There are many factors that influence your decision when buying a new product such as cost, colour, brand, style, performance, reputation, recommendations and past experience. Saving water and saving on your water bills can be a deciding factor in determining the type of product you buy.

If you're about to buy a water-using product find out first how WELS water efficiency ratings can save you money and help the environment. It's simple – the more stars on the WELS label, the more water efficient the product is.



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